Welcome to Old Enough To Know Better Puppets.

There probably isn’t a puppet maker or performer in the business that hasn’t heard those immortal words: “Why don’t you grow up?”

If you have found this site, then you are obviously one of those who has been on the receiving end of that question and replied, “Why should I?”

Puppets are a universal form of entertainment, whether being used for children’s television, advertisements, theatre productions, ventriloquist acts or even just for private amusement. Their endearing qualities bring something to the world that the humans behind them cannot bring on their own.

We aim to continue the tradition of inventive and imaginative puppets pioneered by Jim Henson and the Henson Workshop, who are still bringing amazing puppets to life on screen to thrill a generation who were not even born when puppet lovers everywhere were shattered by the death of Jim Henson.

The key to puppet design is imagination and we have a host of exciting and creative characters to come as well as a showcase of replicas of some of the most famous puppets to have graced screens.

Our mission is to bring puppets to the masses, both for companies, production teams and private individuals. We will be selling new puppet designs frequently through our eBay shop as well as accepting orders for commissioned work at prices you will find very competitive.

Also check out out Puppet Video Service where you can order birthday greetings, adverts and learning videos with prices starting from £5. Have a look at our page by clicking on the link in the navigation bar.

Take a look at our galleries and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our services.